Monday, October 12, 2009

Jon Hamm is Here to Kill John Connor

Here's the latest commercial for the Blues. Personally, I don't watch Mad Men, but enough people do to warrant Jon Hamm to pitch his scripted love of hockey.

WOW! Now that's a St. Louis hockey fan! He must be a big fan, because he lived in the suburbs of St. Louis. I can relate to him and his love of the team! 2 season tickets, please. Wait, what has he had for 15 years?

Now that is a dirty hat. It must be 15 years old, because look how dirty that is. You can't fake that.

Unless you realize that he logo on the hat did not exist 15 years ago. In 1994, the Blues used this Bluenote:

The Blues first used the logo on "his" hat in 1997, on what was then a third jersey. In 1998, the third jersey became the new home jersey, and the Bluenote on Jon Hamm's dirty, 15 year old hat became the primary logo. More importantly, 15 years ago the Scottrade Center was opened as the Kiel Center, a work stoppage delayed the start of the hockey season, and the Blues introduced a practical joke of a jersey. Red/blue/yellow/white with a diagonal musical staff and wacky number shapes.

I should stop, because Jon Hamm either (a) read from a script in which somebody who knows nothing about the St. Louis Blues was put in charge of writing the script for this ad, or more likely (b) Jon Hamm bought a hat in the future and was sent back in time to ensure that humanity as we know it will end. Maybe he could start with person that wrote his script?


Jack M said...

Oh man, they are so busted.

Anonymous said...

That is f*cking AWESOME

Bengoodfella said...

I watch and enjoy Mad Men. I am embarrassed for Jon Hamm/the script writers right now. My guess is that he said he had that hat for 14 years, was wrong, but they took his word for it and did the commercial.

Hollywood actors wouldn't lie would they?

Andy said...

Maybe he really thought he had that hat for that long. I have a shit-ton of hats, and apart from the ones I've bought most recently, I have no idea what year I bought them.

Bengoodfella said...

Yeah, that's the case for me. I think they just took him at his word and he was wrong.

I don't know when I got all my hats either, but it was a long time ago for most of them given what they look like...which is pretty much like his hat.

Jarrett said...

I have no doubt in my mind that the hat is not his, and that somebody writing the script put in how old that hat was. Jon Hamm walked in, read his lines, and left.

Adam said...

He doesn't wear it like a hat he's had for 15 years.

Chris W said...

Some shorties stole a bunch of hats from my apartment yesterday.


Jack M said...

As you may or may not recall, about a month ago, Chris W posted about Mark Whicker's horribly innapropriate column that related how sports had changed since that girl was kidnapped. To the surprise of almost no one, some anonymous dipshit chimed in with this brilliant piece of sarcasm:

"Deadspin called. It'd like its post back. Thanks."

link for the dubious:

Sure Deadspin steals more than half it's stories from other sites, but who cares? Well today, Deadspin posted a link to another site that talks about the Jon Hamm commercial (which doesn't even mention the anachronisms) a full 24 hours after Jarret's original post on the matter. So, if Anonymous Dipshit is still around, you should just know that you're still a dipshit.

Bengoodfella said...

Watch out Adam, that's Don Draper you are talking about there.