Tuesday, April 14, 2009

You Can Be an ESPN Personality While Stealing the Jokes of 20-Year Old Undergraduates

A recent Rick Reilly Blog post, which proves that you CAN just reprint stuff from a bunch of undergrads and put your name on it and make money from ESPN!

A few team names NOT featured in Reilly's post:

This Is Our Drinking Game
Four Cowboys and an Indian
Banana Munchers
Off Tha Heezy
Ryan Grant and A Bunch of Other Football Players
Don't Think About AJ Hawk
Kevin and the Timepieces
Club Sped
Rigor Is Gay
Timmy, Tommy, Tammy? Who's Wasted?
Harold Swanagan's Booty


Chris W said...

You forgot "Carl Winslow and the Rusty Trombones"

Also: I forgot what the name of me, Aiken, Wizzle, TPL, and Jay-gar's team was senior year. I'm sure it was unreliably offensive.

Larry B said...


My favorite from this year: "Unlike Rihanna, We Keep Our Hands up on Defense"

I like cringe humor.

Chris W said...


pnoles said...

"If Game Lasts Longer Than 4 Hours, Consult a Physician"

Chris W said...

if they don't know...then i'm a show that man. that man they call. they call him ha-rold swa-na-gan