Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This week in ridiculous sports-journalism puns

Most of the time when I post this biz, I'm all like "Grrr! What a lame pun! I'm so mad."

This time I'm all like, huh?

Guy must be a Hugh Grant fan.


Elliot said...

If the Rockets ever do anything in the playoffs, maybe you'll start hearing about the "Yao Ming Dynasty".

Of course it's looking more and more like the biggest story out of the playoffs will be how Derrick "Rose" to the challenge.

When the Magic are inevitably eliminated, it will be "Howard's End".

Will the Lakers serve up some Kung "Pao" Chicken with a side of "Kobe" beef?

I'll be here all week.

Chris W said...

What about a puff piece about what a thinking man's point guard CP3 is entitled "Cerebral Paul-sy"

Eddie said...

or a highly unlikely game-winning 3 against the celts by joakim nicknamed "noak's arc"

Elliot said...

Chris W - maybe that would explain his amazing flop ability.