Saturday, April 25, 2009

El Oh El

Pete Prisco says the Niners are a B- for getting the best WR in the draft at #10. Why?

Analysis: He hasn't run. He's shorter than expected. He's a diva. Good luck. Some in the organization didn't even want him.

"He hasn't run".

God it must have been hard to be one of the best WR's in CFB not ever having run. But OTOH if he spent his entire college career WALKING to TD after TD that should bode well for the NFL when he actually starts to run, no?

"He's shorter than expected."

God forbid an NFL scout actually go to a game and see how tall a player seems to be.

"He's a diva."

Well that should save the 49ers money, no? They won't have to hire anyone to sing the national anthem.

"Some in the organization didn't want him."

If you say so. Maybe those fellows would like to go work across the bay with the team that took a guy with the #7 pick they could have got with a #20 pick.

Pete Prisco, ladies and germs.


Passive Voice said...

you know how i know that Darius Heyward-Bay is gonna suck ass at football?

Chris W said...


dan-bob said...

That label is really saying a lot, folks. There are a lot of things in the world that Chris W hates.

Kofi Bofah said...

Crabtree is going to make a lot of teams pay.

Bengoodfella said...

I don't understand why it is a bad thing some people in the organization did not want him? Is a draft pick only a good pick if the entire coaching and scouting staff thinks it is a great pick? That doesn't make sense.

This the entire thought process the 49ers really need:

"We need good wide receivers. The best wide receiver is available in the draft. We should choose him."

What wide receiver is not a diva anymore?