Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stretching Too Far For Puns Makes Your Article Look Stupid

In the news: UConn coach Jim Calhoun was hospitalized just before his team's first-round game!

The NY Daily News Headline article about his return has a moronic title:

"Jim Calhoun, UConn have a healthy chance against Texas A&M"

Now, I realize now that Mr. Calhoun is "healthy", but his team is the #1 seed playing against the #9 seed (Texas A&M). This may be nitpicking, but I think saying that his team has a "healthy" chance almost implies that they're an underdog...

Moral of the story: stretching too far for a play on the word "health" sometimes contradicts the actual state of the game.

[Side note: if you Google "healthy chance", this article comes up first. Weird?]

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