Thursday, June 7, 2012

When you promote something, aren't you supposed to make it sound appealing?

It's all over but the crying in Boston right now, about five minutes left in game 6 and the starters are headed to the bench with the Heat up 20.  Coming out of commercial, I'm greeted by Scott Van Pelt, telling me what happens on my TV once the game is over:

Coming up on Sportscenter, Saturday night we'll be in South Beach thanks to LeBron James's magnificent performance.  Magic Johnson helps us break it down.  We will hear from the winners, the losers, and of COURSE, Stephen A. Smith.

Like I said earlier this week, God only knows why they've rehired S.A.S. after finally freeing themselves from his bombastic yelling a few years ago.  If you're going to bring him back on board, I suppose you've got to use him.  That's fine.  I just find it really funny that any promo could possibly include the line "and of COURSE, Stephen A. Smith" unless the beginning of that sentence was "ESPN pays all kinds of morons to talk about sports, such as Trent Dilfer, Rick Sutcliffe..."

And as I type this, there's the S.A.S. Prometheus promo again.  Life is good.


Anonymous said...

I hope all 5 starters on both teams get injured on Saturday.

Gulag said...

Whenever I see a trailer for Prometheus, I like to just yell out "OH NO...PROMOTHEUS" in a loud monotone voice.

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