Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Good to see that the front page of the self-proclaimed World Wide Leader in Sports now features a piece by the Larry B-proclaimed most useless (sort of kind of but not really) writer in sports. The parenthetical in that last sentence refers to Klosterman sort of kind of but not really being a sportswriter, not him sort of kind of but not really being useless; he is most definitely useless.

This is great. This is like the Wall Street Journal publishing a front page op-ed by Bill Simmons on the state of the housing market. "See, the current refinancing market is kind of like the 2003 Red Sox, if Andy Dufrense took Grad Little's place and my dad were talking with Basketball Jesus about how he might look back on the situation ten years from now."

With each passing day, ESPN gets further and further from anything that could be called a sports outlet by anyone with a brain.


Chris W said...

No remarks on the pure awesomeness that is that headline???

jacktotherack said...

Sparing myself from reading Klosterman's 15,000 word masturbatory bullshit, how exactly would the game "never be the same" if Kentucky wins it all? Would they really be the first team with a suspicious coach to win the whole thing? What overdramatic garbage.

Adam said...

I think his point was more lamenting that success in college basketball is not about "building teams" but just recruiting the absolute best talent ie one and done players.

That concept is surprising to nobody with a brain.

The state of college basketball is the NBA's fault not John Calipari's.