Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Joe Buck needs new comedy writers, by which I mean he needs to stop writing his own jokes

After coming out of commercial during yesterday's Tigers/Rangers game, Joe dropped this winner:

Usually here on FOX, we bring stars of our shows into the booth to promote their work.

And isn't the world of sports better off for their efforts?

We were going to do that with the new hit "Terra Nova,"


but the brontosaurus couldn't get past stadium security!

This was followed by about 15 seconds of silence from the booth, hopefully during which Terry Francona strangled Buck until some production assistants intervened. Thanks Joe.

Longer post later this week.


cs said...

I just flew in from Detroit...

Jack M said...

Even if he got by the security, how was he going to fit in press box?

Anonymous said...

It's not even called a Brontosaurs anymore. The correct term is Apatosaurs......Stupid Joe.

Last night I shot an elephant in my pajamas.