Friday, January 14, 2011

More Rick Reilly

I'm not going to spend too much time on this column by Rick Reilly ripping my main man Jay Cutler, but I did want to highlight a couple of things I find funny.

Here is Rick trying to show what a jerk Cutler is, insensitive to the needs of his teammates... glorifying John Lynch's technically-misdemeanor-battery attack on Cutler's phone:

Once, in his rookie year in Denver, 45 minutes before a game, surefire Hall of Fame safety John Lynch was trying to explain something to Cutler about NFL pass coverage. Except Cutler wasn't looking at Lynch. He was texting.

"Man, I'm trying to talk to you!" Lynch protested.

Didn't help. Cutler was all thumbs, head down. Finally, Lynch slapped the phone out of Cutler's hands, smashing it to the floor.

And here's Reilly showing how unprofessional Cutler is... quoting a Denver sports broadcaster calling Cutler foul names:

"He's an arrogant little punk," former Broncos radio color man, Scott Hastings, once said on a national show. "He's a little bitch."

And finally, here's Rick Reilly trying to be funny:

Cutler could own Chicago if he wanted. In a city that has had as many good quarterbacks as Omaha has had good surfers...

I don't know which of the above is most offensive. Oh wait. Yes I do. It's the last one.


Tim N said...

Rick: "This guy's an ass"

Anon: "Didn't he do something nice for sick kids?"

Rick: "Sure, but HE DIDN"T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW ABOUT IT! What's his problem? I'd bite off Mitch Albom's ginormous ears if it got me on Sports Reporters more often!"

Anonymous said...

I have heard several snippets on 670 The Score in Chicago this week where you can catch Reilly badgering players about Cutler's personality. The best response is Greg Olsen, who after at least 3 questions from Rick about what type of guy Cutler is finally says, "Jesus Christ, can we please talk about something else?"

I love how Rick thinks he is covering new ground. It's well known Cutler is kind of a prick, but so-fucking-what! I don't give a fuck how nice of a guy he is, all I care about is he makes plays for the Bears on Sundays. I don't fucking care how smug and non-chalant he is during interviews. Hell, if I had to deal with assholes like Rick on a daily basis I would be twice the dickhead Jay Cutler is.

Chris W said...

I loved in the article how Reilly quoted Olsen saying "he is who he is" obviously in response to why Olsen likes the guy but reporters don't as proof positive that even Cutler's friends don't like him.

Anonymous said...

Holy fuck, I actually went to ESPN to read this and immediately I regret it. I should of known what a steaming pile of shit this was going to be after the first sentence:

For a man from Santa Claus, Ind., Jay Cutler is one of the least jolly people you've ever met.

Holy fucking fuck

SOB in CA said...

Chris W: you are SUPPOSED to spend too much time tearing this column apart.
That's why we come here to read, instead of having to read Rick Reilly's own words, potentially losing our eyesight.
You have to take one for the team, so we can still use our eyeballs for more important things, like work and looking at chicks and stuff.

Biggus Rickus said...

Isn't John Lynch kind of a shithead who made a career out of spearing receivers?

Cutler is kind of a sulky asshole, but that's been common knowledge for years. You may as well write about him being a diabetic for all the new ground broken.

Elliot said...

If this article was written two years ago, when Cutler was much more deserving of this scorn, it wouldn't be nearly as terrible.

Now, it's just a bitter Broncos fan trying to get some yuks out of making fun of a guy who was QB two QBs ago. If Cutler is such a prima donna, then it obviously had zero effect on the Bears as they are the #2 seed and seem poised to make an appearance in the NFC championship game.

And Chris, I gotta say, our back and forth about who was better, Cutler or Orton, has been quite thoroughly settled as the season progressed. All Cutler has to do is win this weekend, and he will have proven Reilly and all of us other bitter Broncos fans wrong.

Chris W said...

At the end of the day though, Cutler has a long ways to go before he's better than Sexy Rexy

Elliot said...

Shanny would agree!

And I'll still be rooting for the FeauxHawks this weekend against Pouty McGee. If Cutler can win the first playoff game he ever plays in, I might be able to reduce my loathing level... slightly.

Tonus said...

The 'hawks can't lose, Pete Carroll won't let them!

Adam said...

This article has been getting a lot of attention here in Chicago and I think it's great because it is typical ESPN bullshit.

Trying to manufacture a story that isn't there. Blasting an athlete because he won't conform of the image they are trying to create for him. Big name reporter/writer acting like he is entitled to inside information or scooping the story. Out of town idiots distoring reality to create a national opinion that does not match the local and actually informed opinion.... I could go on.

Bob LeGere of the Daily Herald has an excelent blog post ripping Reilly for being the douche that he is:

Chris W said...

Thanks for the heads up Adam. Nice blog post by LeGere

Chris W said...

Reilly pwned by the WWL

Jack M said...

My biggest complaint about this non-story is how most people in the media constantly make complaints like "Terrel Owens should spend less time tweeting, and more time focusing on football!"

Then you have a guy like Cutler who's having one of his better seasons, but the narrative is that he's a big meanie who's loathed by his teammates, based on the fact that he's short with the media.

Adam said...

Another nice scathing comentary from the sports media about Reilly and his d-bag column (even though it's from Mike Florio who is also kind of a d-bag):