Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don Banks' Snap Judgments Might Be Too Snappy For Their Own Good

From Don Banks' latest Snap Judgments column:

Does anybody handle the whole Week 17 to-play-or-not-to-play issue better than New England? Every year, the Patriots play it pretty straight, like their playoff hopes are on the line, even when they're not. Even Wes Welker's season-ending knee injury last year in Houston didn't prompt a major change of philosophy this time around (although Welker was held out on Sunday at home against Miami).

Wes Welker's injury in week 17 of 2010 didn't alter New England's philosphy at all, except in their decision NOT TO PLAY WES WELKER IN WEEK 17 OF 2011.


Tonus said...

Nice one. The Patriots didn't change their approach to the final game of the season, except for the part where they changed their approach.

Don Banks also feels that this off-season was no different for the Yankees than the past few off-seasons, except for the part where they didn't get any of the free-agent prizes they were after.

Adam said...

How is it that the Patriots play Week 17 "as if their playoff hopes are on the line" when the starters only play about half the game?