Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey, Yankees/Mets!

I started this post intending to write a meticulously analyzed breakdown of the performance of the announcers of tonight's Sunday Night Baseball. [In an astonishing move that will be questioned for years to come, ESPN decided to air the Yankees/Mets game!] Only on this blog is it laudable to spend a few hours watching a sports game and then not writing about the sports.

Top of the 3rd
Morgan: "I've never seen Jeter with his average so low. It has been at times, but I've never seen him play when it was this low."

Who cares if you actually saw him play when his average was low, Joe? Jeter promptly ripped a single to right.

Bottom of the 3rd
Miller: "Actually, Jeter's Zone Rating has gone up the last few years, even though he's had trouble going to his left on a couple of balls tonight."
Morgan:"I don't know anything about Zone Ratings and all that, I just watch a guy and see how he's moving, and he did not move too quickly on that."

This is just good old fashioned JoeTalk, demonstrating ignorance of statistical terms that are (a) very relevant to his profession and (b) not all that hard to comprehend. It's been awhile since we had a good dose of Joe on this site, and it makes me yearn for the good old days.

I got kind of distracted as the game went on, so I don't really have any more silliness to report. But hey! Joe is still alive and kicking and he hasn't destroyed the Reds yet, so so far, so good!

And since this post is so short, I'll embed a video that I found while scrolling through the old FJM:

Also, RIP Jose Lima.


Tonus said...

Morgan is one of those guys who needs someone to translate what he's saying half of the time. The other half of the time, he's saying stupid shit like "I don't know anything about zone ratings, I just rely on the handful of plays I actually see."

Also, Jeter actually sensed that Joe had never seen him play with such a low average, which is why he got a base hit.

Chris W said...

"I don't believe in UZR. What I like to do is watch individual players play and then keep track of whether the average player could have made the plays they miss or make"

--Joe "Mike" Morgan

Dylan Murphy said...

Someone should just have a sit down session with him to teach him baseball statistics. I think it would make all of ESPN's viewers much happier. Although his stupidity makes me feel good about myself.

Elliot said...

I am a fan of LOST, but the references in Sportcenter were ludicrous. Did they make Joe talk about the smoke monster?

Larry B said...

Best part of the Matt Stairs bit is how he calls it a "dugoot." Go back to Canada, tubbo.

Adam said...

Morgan: "I've never seen Jeter with his average so low. It has been at times, but I've never seen him play when it was this low."

Nothing is official in baseball unless Joe sees it.

John Foley said...

"Nothing is official in baseball unless Joe sees it."

And since Joe only watches one game a week, most of the season is apocryphal.

Angelo said...

hey, remember when you guys posted more than one thing a day?

Entertain me!