Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great Moments in Sports Journalism Ledes

From Pete Prisco's article about overrated and underrated NFL players:


The word isn't very nice, but let's face it: There are a lot of things overrated.

There's sushi, the first snow, New Year's Eve, Bruce Springsteen, Julia Roberts and dark beers.

Oh, and plenty of NFL football players.

By contrast, there are also a lot of underrated things. Some of them are: The first bite of pizza, a hot shower, a cold beer after a round of golf and tree-ripe peaches.
Oh, and plenty of NFL football players.

Now THAT'S sportswriting!


Elliot said...

What Pete Prisco finds overrated and underrated in the lede sets he tone for his terrible comparisons between different position players on the same team.

Andre Goodman is better than people think, but Brian Dawkins isn't? Makes about as much sense as saying The Boss isn't as good as a bite of greasy pizza.

Anonymous said...

my favorite:

Overrated: WR Lee Evans. Yes, he plays with bad quarterbacks. But they paid him a ton of money and he doesn't produce like a No. 1 receiver. He's more like a No. 2 with speed. He's good, just not as good as expected.

this makes no sense. Is he supposed to pass the ball to himself or something?

Larry B said...

Let's humor Pete (even though we shouldn't) and break this down:

Sushi: properly rated
New Year's Eve: I agree- overrated
The Boss: properly rated
Julia Roberts: definitely overrated
Dark Beers: what the fuck are you talking about? Are they even rated in any way?

First bite of pizza: properly rated
Hot showers: if anything, overrated (unless you're an astronaut or something)
Beer after golf: overrated
"Tree ripe peaches": who cares?

Long story short, Prisco is a moron for writing this, but he's also a moron for having dumb opinions.

Chris W said...

My thoughts exactly, Larry. Just some ancillary thoughts:

a.) Only muchachos think sushi is "overrated."
b.) "The first bit of pizza". What is this, like some ethereal approach to the "unheard joys of the unremembered and unexpected visceral pleasures of comfort food"? Go back to the travel channel, pete prisco.
c.) "Beer after golf". Even if you don't think it's overrated, only an idiot would think that something EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD LOVES is "underrated"

What a fucking doof PP is.

Jack M said...

New Years is the best holiday in the world. Anyone who disagrees can blow it out their ear.

Dylan Murphy said...

4/20 is the best holiday.

Elliot said...

Breathing: overrated.