Monday, May 31, 2010

Jon Heyman Makes the Big Bucks For a Reason

Roy Oswalt has demanded a trade. Jon, how's that going to shake out?

While it's logical that Oswalt should go (possibly along with longtime teammate Lance Berkman), there's no guarantee that he will, and there are two very good reasons for this:

So there's no way we can be sure that events in the future can happen. They might, or they might not. We can't make any guarantees. Constantly acknowledging this reality is known as "Morgan Syndrome."

1) There's no guarantee that Astros owner Drayton McLane wants to trade Oswalt, despite Oswalt's wishes; and

See: above.

2) there's no guarantee that the Astros can find the right trading partner, considering the $31 million remaining on Oswalt's contract through next season, teams' general unwillingness to spend big bucks while also surrendering top prospects, and frankly, no obvious matches.

See: above. And please note that $31 MM for a guy of Oswalt's caliber is chump change for the Yankees. You can probably throw the Red Sox, Giants, Cubs, Nationals, and Mets onto a list (not that the Mets will have any use for him) of teams that would be more than happy to find a way to make a trade for Oswalt work. The Dodgers would be on the list if not for the messy McCourt divorce. I'm sure whichever teams are interested and the Astros will bullshit around the bush about what kinds of deals they're willing to accept for the next few weeks/couple of months, but if Houston is in last place in July, I'm pretty sure he'll move.

In the meantime, Jon, feel free to continuously remind us that there's no way to be absolutely sure what's going to happen in this crazy, wacky, post 9/11 world of ours.


Dylan Murphy said...

Steve Phillips suggested the Nationals trade Strasburg for Oswalt. I think we know why he's not a highly touted MLB executive anymore.

gordon niemann said...

as much as i love your blog, this post felt a little forced.

Chris W said...

you can't HANDLE the TRUTH

Elliot said...

I think the original article was the one that was forced.


John Foley said...

Steve Phillips suggested the Nationals trade Strasburg for Oswalt.

Please tell me you're making that up.

Chris W said...

Patton Oswalt. What that dugout needs is comedy.

Adam said...

It is logical that Oswalt should be traded, but he might not be. Because, he might not be.

Sometimes I get the feeling that sportswriters write generic form articles and fill in the blanks. Check for an article from last year with the same words except for "Halladay" and "Phillies", etc.

Adam said...

Correction - Blue Jays.