Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shameless Homerism

The yearly posts about 'Is ____ a Hall of Famer?' are out. The results will be in January 6th. We've covered a bunch of these in the past, and they're usually good for a debate. But the purpose of this brief post is to link to an article supporting the candidacy of the second-most-famous baseball player named Barry in the 1990s.

Ladies and gentlemen, wearing #11 and captain of your Cincinnati Reds, Barry Larkin.

Given that, over the last few years, the Reds have been a much poorer baseball team than the favorite teams of the other writers on this blog (White Sox, Rockies, Cardinals, etc)... this is about all I can get excited about lately.


Jarrett said...

Can you be selected to the Hall of Fame if you're on the 60-day DL?

Larry B said...

Dante Bichette was the real 1995 NL MVP. Fuck you, Larkin

dan-bob said...

Dante Bichette was the 2000 Reds' MVP.

Elliot said...

Dante Bichette will totally make it to the Roids HOF for that 1995 performance, LB.

Larkin was a great player. I would definitely put him in the Hall of Very Good. HOF? I dunno. He didn't get the 2500 or so hits that it usually takes even with his WS ring. The .815 OPS mark is impressive--especially that he's above all but 5 who had more than 5,000 ABs.

My guess is that he makes it, but not on first ballot.

Tonus said...

Meh, he's no David Eckstein.

Chris W said...

more like "shameless homo-ism"

John Foley said...

Dante Bichette's HR splits for 1995:
31 at home
9 away

31 to 9! Yes, I realize that any good hitter is supposed to take advantage of their home ballpark, but come on. That's worse than the oft-maligned splits of Jim Rice.

Chris W said...

Hey, uh, John--could you watch what you say about my man Dante?