Sunday, December 20, 2009

And I Can Make a Free Throw at 4:30 AM- So What?

Watching the NFL's RedZone channel, which is so worth the $50 it cost me for the season. So worth it. It's highly recommended. Anyways, at one point they cut to the Cardinals/Lions game, where the announcers had this to say about Daunte Culpepper:

I mean, the Cardinals have been saying all week that Culpepper is a guy who can make every throw. I mean, he can wake up at 3 AM and throw a spiral.

The fuck does that mean? Is it a figure of speech anyone uses to describe a talented QB? ("Talented" being used loosely in the case of Culpepper, of course.) I sure hope not.


Chris W said...

well that's nitpicking idn't it

Elliot said...

Unless Randy Moss was the receiver, I doubt that the spiral would be a complete pass.

The Casey said...

Maybe dude was going to say he could throw a spiral in his sleep, then remembered he was talking about Daunte Culpepper and tried to change it real quick?