Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brian Kelly Aside - Is this Laziness or Stupidity?'s front page article about the biggest move in sports today:

With Kelly coming off a 12-win season, it bears mentioning that the last time Notre Dame won 11 games in a season was in 1993 when it went 11-1 and won the Independence Bowl.

Say what you want about the hire (blah), it bears mentioning that Notre Dame won the Cotton Bowl in 1993.

I think it's just laziness.


Alex said...

Speaking of laziness, and sorta off subject of this post, ESPN has pull some shit off when it comes to errors.

I buy their ESPN Fact book every year (whatever it's called) and it blows my mind how full of mistakes the soccer section is.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR IT. NONE. Not with the resources they have.

The Casey said...

Apparently when you become a sports journalist, you lose all access to Google.

dan-bob said...

The incorrect statement has since been taken down. The link now leads to a later, fuller version of the same article.

But the mistake lives on here forever!

Chris W said...

that's the fjaym dufference!

jason heyward said...

I think Kelly will fit in extremely well at Notre Dame. He is a very talented offensive mind and a charismatic leader. I feel sorry for the Cincy players that lose their head coach right before they play the biggest game of their lives.

Jack M said...

What exactly does this have to do with Tiger Woods's personal life again?

Biggus Rickus said...

Brian Kelly was one of the hookers he ordered.*

*May not be true.