Monday, December 21, 2009

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Hooray! It's a podcast!

Simmons! Klosterman!

Fucking stab me in the eardrums with an infected needle!

Bill and Chuck Klosterman talk Tiger,

Bill's angle (my guess): the only athletes whose personal life is fair game for judgment for fair game are Kobe Bryant, Roger Clemens, anyone else he personally dislikes! Everyone else should be left alone!

albums of the decade,

Klosterman's angle (my guess): there were no albums released this decade, or at least, not albums in the traditional sense! We should really be worried about the best non-albums of the decade!


I can't guess what their angles on this long-irrelevant band are, nor would I care to! (I hope their angles are not that U2 has long been irrelevant... that'll really make me feel like a toolbox.)

college vs. pro football

Bill's angle: ever since the NFL decided to script Super Bowl XLII so the Patriots would lose (because it's obvious the league hates the Patriots), he's really only been paying attention to Colonial League NCAA football!

and more!

What more is there to cover? Besides some gratuitous whoring of their books!


Biggus Rickus said...

I look forward to the 20,000 word transcription/mockery of this podcast. I think the gist will be that Simmons has seen some '80s movies and Klosterman has heard some indie bands. And a good time will be had by none.

Gulag said...

Why is it that every photo of Bill Simmons is exactly the same: Bill leaning back in a leather chair with a "I'm a douchebag!" grin on his face?

Chris W said...

klosterman is so aggressively anti-indie (even while being aggressively pro-indie) he'll probably spend all his music-talk time talking about lady gaga, rihanna, and a bunch of shitty bands from the 80's and late 70's that he and Bill Simmons are in love with.

Alex said...

"Fucking stab me in the eardrums with an infected needle!"

I have a perforated ear drum. My two ACL tears have NOTHING on the pain I went through getting my ear pierced thanks to a blocked nose on an airplane. I had the same look John Lithgow had in the 'Twilight Zone' movie after seeing that gremlin on the plane.