Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jay Mariotti: Still a colossal fuck face

With the past week or so's events, it's pretty obvious whose picture would lead Mariotti's new column about steroids, right?

Isn't it laughable how everyone has an opinion now?

The only thing that's laughable is that you lead a steroids column with Ozzie Guillen, you pathetic fuck.

For years, baseball people were hush about steroids, protecting their dirty little secret as if the masses were morons when, in fact, a lot of these men are the uneducated rockheads.

If any one treats the American masses like morons, it's you and any one else who's ever participated in ATH.

One such creature is
Ozzie Guillen, manager of Barack Obama's Chicago White Sox,

"Barrack Obama's Chicago White Sox:" totally relevant to the conversation. Say, did you know Will Ferrel is a USC fan? Too bad OJ Simpson went and tarnished Ferrel's name by killing two people.

who went mob boss on us in 2006 when pitcher Jason Grimsley served as a steroids informant in a federal investigation.

Yeah, this whole time it was Ozzie acting alone to cover up steroid usage in Major League Baseball. Just him...and the entire fucking players union.

Go rape yourself, Mariotti.


Eric said...

hey you know.
being a national columnist means writing about people in chicago.

Larry B said...

I'm so tired of the Blizzard of Oz. When is he going to stop manufacturing and distributing designer steroids while hitting kittens and puppies with his car and supporting terrorism? Thank goodness Mariotti is here to keep him in line.

Bengoodfella said...

Is there a possibility you could change the name of this blog to "Go Rape Yourself Jay Mariotti," if so that would be great.

Martin said...

Speaking of steroids...why is MLB going to have investigators go talk to Arod when he reports to camp? If they knew he was part of the 104, shouldn't they, wouldn't they, have talked to him about everything 5 years ago? I'm so tired of this living in the past steroids crap.

Bengoodfella said...

Who is A-Rod?

Seriously, because they couldn't go to him in camp before because his name was "anonymous" at that point. Now that his privacy has been invaded it is fair game. Also, baseball has this insatiable need to know why A-Rod used steroids rather than focus on making sure future players don't use steroids.

pnoles said...

<3 Jay...thanks for not changing, buddy!

Tonus said...

"Isn't it laughable how everyone has an opinion now?"

Isn't it typical how Jay Mariotti makes unfathomably idiotic statements like this one? How can someone be so smug and so clueless all at the same time?

Anonymous said...