Sunday, June 2, 2013

ESPN now tailoring analysis to overweight people (read: Americans)

Highlights from the Kings/Blackhawks game led Sportscenter tonight.  Very strange, I have no idea why ESPN would acknowledge the existence of the hockey, let alone show highlights of it when they could be hyping up the Heat/Pacers game 22 hours in advance.  The network must be making a play for NHL broadcasting rights soon.  Anyways, Barry Melrose, tell us how the Blackhawks built their 4-0 lead tonight:

Well like I always say, apple turnovers are great, but the kinds of turnovers the Kings committed here are not.

He has a point, apple turnovers are good, but I'm still a little confused.  Maybe this is an extremely obscure joke about Martin Brodeur/Brodeur's wife?  (Credit to Jarrett for introducing me to the wonderful world of fat Brodeur)


Trawlfaz said...

Were you high when you posted this?

Larry B said...

I was not, but I don't think you need to be high to 1) note that apple turnovers are good and 2) wonder why Barry Melrose decided to make a play on words built around the word turnover.

Anonymous said...

Cut Barry some slack. I love his horse laugh especially at his own jokes. I didn't know Brodeur was fat. That makes his patented double pad stack save even more impressive if he is doing it in spite of a huge love handle.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hockey on ESPN, ANYONE see Simmons tweet about the "greatest sporting event of 2013." The Penguins Bruins Game 3.

Hard to believe this would make any non-Boston fan top 5. I get it, Playoff OT Hockey is exciting, but it's not like we didn't have a GAME 7 with playoff OT hockey less then a week ago. But No Boston team involved which means games can't be important.

Adam said...

Yeah and when the Kings won the other day he attributed it to his daughter being there as a lucky charm.

So in other words he only tweets about hockey when the Bruins or Kings win.