Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy lazy belated birthday to us

Was going to continue my Simmons trade value series (just wait until you hear about how uppity Chris Paul is) but had internet problems until just now, and I'm not going to stay up all night to entertain you people.  Sorry.  You'll have to wait until tomorrow.  But I figured it was worth throwing something up because--

1) Last week, the blog turned six years old.  Woo.  That announcement pales in comparison to the time Chris W made a birthday post for the blog that included clip art of a piece of birthday cake, but I've never been as creative as he is.

2) In hopes of coming up with something really quick to blog about in place of the Simmons post, I checked out the blog's email for the first time since February.  Figured maybe someone sent us a hot tip sometime in the last three months.  No such luck, there was no non-spam in the inbox, but I did find one of the best pieces of spam I've ever seen:



Do you realize more and more people are now using search engines to find local businesses, and NOT phone directories?

Are they finding your website?

If not, we can help.

Best SEO sales pitch ever: "By the way, person reading this piece of so-called 'electronic mail'--here's a fact that may cause your brain to explode out of your ears.  I hate to have to tell you this, but... people are not using the hard copy yellow pages anymore."  That email would have been kind of funny in 2003.  In 2013 it's a riot.  I hope they follow up with another email letting me know that people are using their pocket telephones to connect to the internet.

3) I was going to put something else here but now I forgot what.  Ran out of energy writing that hilarious joke about the spam email.

More Simmons on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

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