Thursday, May 23, 2013


From the front page sidebar.  This is, ostensibly, one of the eleven most important things going on in sports right now.  Are you ready?

Tough guy Chuck Norris sees himself in Tebow

No, seriously, here's the screencap.

As you can see I have not clicked on it (although I did click on the Crabtree story so I could email the link to Jack M and remind him to BEWARE THE CRABTREE CURSE!).  Nor will I ever click on it, because I would sooner snort anthrax.

Fuck everything.


Anonymous said...

What is there not to like about a Christian athlete writing complete blather and butt-spew about a fellow Christian athlete? Tim is an "Ultimate Clutch Player" just like Chuck was back in his karate days in the 1960s. I can dig it, man.

Tim N said...

This story was also on the front page of

And yes, I am so pathetic that I still look at