Monday, October 8, 2012

Troll extraordinaire Skip Bayless gets some work done

Time is short this week so I can't do a full writeup of this tonight, but hoo doggy, is this one that Skip's  parents are going to want to stick to their fridge with a magnet.  This is him at the very tip top of his game.

The astonishingly missed point:


Classic USE OF ALL CAPS to try to PUT THE AUDIENCE ON THE DEFENSIVE and hope they don't notice your BALDFACED LIE.

It almost felt as if Elway/Fox were sabotaging Tebow, who after games kept turning back into Bruce Banner, the Hulk turned humble human, smiling and saying, heck, he just runs the plays called. Elway perhaps was hoping to lose his way into the No. 1 pick so he could draft fellow Stanford man Andrew Luck. Instead, Tebow's Broncos wound up playing a home playoff game.

Classic Tebow trolling: equating Denver's staff's reluctance to think of a guy who can't throw as a good long term QB option with them hoping Tebow would fail.  I hear they used to hire goons to club him in the knees outside the team training complex a la Tonya Harding!

What did shock me was that, the more Tebow won, the harder a gauntlet of ESPN opponents came at me, sometimes two or three at a time dismissing Tebow's 8-5 run as a nice little fluke. Twice during Tebow's starts I was pressed on air to predict Denver's final record. My cumulative prediction was 7-4, which prompted on-air guffaws. Tebow's regular-season record wound up 7-4. Yet no one would give me an inch of credit for the greatest prediction of my career. I was dismissed as lucky or crazy or both.

Some truly inspiring "I DESERVE MORE CREDIT!" whining, combined with Tebow trolling, combined with throwing your coworkers under a bus.

Our golden rule of barbershop debate -- no punches pulled, none thrown -- 


was sometimes pushed to its limit. Yet in the heat of those on-air battles, I began to see deep inside my opponents. 

More trash talking of coworkers.

I hit subliminal hot buttons that were making Tim Tebow the biggest lightning rod in sports, more loved and hated than even LeBron James was at that point.

And this is why I love Skip--you thought you were reading a column about how no one gives Skip enough credit for being right about Tebow?  WRONG, YOU ARE ALSO NOW READING ABOUT LEBRON.  If you give him enough time he'll rope in Tiger Woods somehow.

(And wasn't it curious that LeBron, then infamous for his fourth-quarter failures, reached out to Tebow on Twitter, befriended him, even visited Tebow and stayed at his house in Denver, perhaps hoping some of Tebow's late-game intangibles would rub off.)

Curious?  No.  Relevant to this article?  No.  A way for skip to generate more angry comments and emails?  YOU BET.

My opponents began to make jokes about Tebow's Christianity, which outraged me on air. I'm a Christian, though (maybe to a fault) not as in-your-face as Tebow. 

I don't think any Christian could possibly be faulted for being less in-your-face about his or her religion than Tebow.  But watch Skip consider climbing up on his cross and trying it anyways.

I prefer actions to words. Yet I defended Tebow by saying, "He's simply doing what Jesus instructed his disciples to do in the New Testament -- be fishers of men."

Listen, all you people who hate how outwardly expressive Tebow is about his religion: have you ever considered reading the Bible?

Take it from the Lone Objective Tebow Defender: Never bet against him.

Skip fucking rules.  


BR said...

Skip is again smirking all the way to the bank.

Chris W said...

This is what makes Skip 100x the pundit Gary Garyotti could ever dream of being. Lofty lofty article by a lofty guy, and then Gary G rips it apart? Can't rack Gary G. Gotta run him.

Larry B said...

Apparently Ghris didn't read the last line of the post. Typical Ghris.

Chris W said...

Gary G probably does a lot of the whole "Some of my best friends are Skip THO" thing

BR said...

Gary G? Ghris? Gee, I feel stoopid.

Chris W said...

Look at GR over here

dan-bob said...

Some of his best friends ARE Skoks though.