Sunday, October 21, 2012

And this is why you should never watch ESPN under any circumstances

Just clicked on my TV and switched over to Sunday NFL Countdown.  Within 10 seconds, I was treated to Berman doing a "double peace signs in the air" Richard Nixon impersonation.  About 45 seconds later, Tom Jackson made an atrocious "binders full of quarterbacks" joke.  Think I'll head outside and get some fresh air.

UPDATE: And Jim Cramer, the "Mad Money" guy (who is about as good at picking stocks as Berman is at calling baseball games) just made an appearance because of course.


BR said...

I get that Berman has been around from the beginning and have read that he is a complete company man but please. His material, and I know he thinks he is a comedian, is beyond stale. I watch next to nothing on ESPN anymore but I believe he still does the Swam(i) schtick. That is painful television.

Jackson is alright but he too should have been let out to pasture years ago. Is Ditka still there? I always thought he was verging on brain dead. If you keep your schvantz in your pants, It is hard to be let go by ESPN.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever looked at Cramer's eyeballs? That guy is clearly hopped up on amphetemines, like all the time.

waffleboy said...

The thing that gets me about ESPN is that the people who run it have the juice to make it be anything they want, and Berman and company is exactly what they want

Anonymous said...

I only watched for 1 minute and was treated with a 'Harper Valley PTA' nickname. That Berman, always staying current with the pop culture references.