Sunday, July 17, 2011

Let's check in on this blog's namesake

----Update, written five minutes after I published this- I'm not 100% sure the Mariotti Facebook account is real. There isn't another one out there that suggests otherwise... but some of the stuff on this one is almost too good to be true. Hmmmmmm. Meh, fuck it, does it really matter either way?----

----Double update: dammit, Deadspin is saying it's fake. Well there goes that. I knew it was too good to be true. Even Mariotti isn't stupid enough to suggest that the MLB ASG be played after the whole season is over. Still, I'm shocked that he doesn't appear to have a (public) Facebook profile of his own. Come on Jay, what are you waiting for! You can be a celebrity in your own little world! It's everything you've always wanted!----

When we last left multiple Pulitzer Prize winner Jay Mariotti, he was being fired from everywhere and allegedly hitting his girlfriend in public (and pleading no contest to reduced charges... you know how it goes). On more than one occasion. Fortunately, thanks to Facebook he still has an outlet for the well-crafted pieces of brain poop that occasionally spill out of his head. (Full disclosure, I saw this on Deadspin. But rest assured that I'll be checking his news feed without being tipped off by anyone from now on.)

He always did have a way with clever nicknames. But he dropped the ball a bit here- that's the Blizzard of Stink Face to you, Jay.

Only Jay could be so intentionally contrarian and desperate for attention that he would take a shot at the USWNT when they're at their absolute apex of popularity. Big ups to Russell Paperz for burning Mariotti with the burniest of burnsauce.

Let's do one more. Why not.

1. No.
2. Hey, everyone loves the Pro Bowl, amirite?????!!?!?!?!


Chris W said...

Deadspin? What's that?

Biggus Rickus said...

Aren't there like two or three knockouts on the US team? I heard a couple of the French broads posed nude. I mean, it's not like it's softball.

pnoles said...

Jonathan Mathis's comment is probably the most disastrous thing in this post.

SOB in CA said...

Is there something wrong with this website? 95% of the time I get an IE error.

I like Carl Tipton's advice, if only for this fjm to have a reason to exist.