Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monday Morning Grab Bag

First of all, hey ESPN, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope:

Next time try: "McIroy wins U.S. Open." It won't affect your traffic one bit, I promise.

Second of all, hey Simmons, thanks for further reinforcing a stereotype:

Orr resonated with locals in a way Bill Russell never could; as my father explained later, you stayed home to watch him.

Orr was amazing. So was Russell- he's one of the top 10 players of all time. But as Bill's supergenius dad notes, you stayed home to watch Orr (what an utterly unprofound and useless distinction) because (subtext) he was white.

My father was one of those loyal saps. His wanted to see the Bruins hoist the Cup one more time and assumed it would never happen because, you know, it was the Bruins.

God, I know! I can't believe the suffering finally ended! That was only Boston's 6th Cup ever! And only the city's 7th championship in the last decade!

/sees that Vancouver, Saint Louis, Buffalo, Ottowa, and Minnesota (split between two franchises) have never won a Cup and that Toronto hasn't won one since 1967

Go eat a barrel of moldy dicks, Boston.


mattyice said...

It didn't really come out in this Simmons column in particular, but he is always claiming that MLB, NFL and NBA are at their best when they have powerhouse franchises that are good year in and year out. The NHL is different (he claims) in that it needs its current salary structure because it is best when all teams have a chance.

Im sure its just a coincidence that Boston's baseball, football and basketball teams are (recently) among the "haves" in their leagues. If the Red Sox had the Pirates' financial situation, Im sure Bill would still think that baseball needs powerhouse teams at the top.

Arvind said...

I hate Simmons Boston bias as much as anyone, but you could make an argument that he's right, if only because theres not enough interest in hockey in a lot of markets for fans to support a team unless they ahve a chance to contend. If you contrast this with the NFL or NBA, there's an adequate level of interest in the league as a whole even if a local team sucks. I would disagree with him that baseball works the same way as the NFL or NBA, its way better with more parity and randomness (which is why baseball playoffs are more entertaining than they should be, to me anyways)

JimA said...

>NBA, there's an adequate level of interest in the league as a whole even if a local team sucks.<

The NBA? The only reason people watched this final was because they hate Miami.

Arvind said...

I disagree with that. The entire playoffs had awesome ratings, even series' without the Heat. More to the point, isn't that what I was talking about? There is a level of interest in the NBA regardless of the success of the local team. Even if, as you say, it only occurs because of Miami (which it doesn't) it still speaks to my point.

Larry B said...


/waits 2 weeks before doing another post

Boston Sports Fan said...

Headline shuld have been:

Sox in 1st Place.
Bruins Got the Cup.
Boston Sports Fan, still drunk, and don't care about nobody.

Fuck you.

Larry B said...

I see no rebuttal to my comment about about Boston's racism. Also: IT'S JUNE 22 AND THE SAWX AHHHH IN FARST PLACE! START PLANNING THE PARADE NOW!

Chris W said...

What i love about boston sports fans is that they will never ever give me any reason to say "not all boston fans are frontrunnigng, loudmouthed d bags who think it's somehow an argment ender to say they won a recent championshop"