Monday, June 6, 2011

John Kruk slowly lurches his way towards 21st century baseball analysis

A couple hours ago on Baseball Tonight, while talking about how successful the Brewers have been since Corey Hart came off the DL:

Their runs are up. Their OPS (pause) which I absolutely love... (pause) is up high. (pause) That OPS is the biggest stat you will ever find in the game of baseball.


Bobby Valentine, tastefully explaining OPS to the "alls I care about is batting average and pitching wins" crowd: That "OPS-" on base plus slugging, in case you were wondering.

Karl Ravech, a man more than familiar with Krukie's buffoonery: John had that on his card.

So they keep their talking points on 3" x 5" index cards. I think that's pretty cool actually. They can't script it like they do on that travesty of a show Sportscenter has become since there are so many live updates, so they just write shit down and talk about it when they get around to talking about it. I respect Kruk 2% more than I did yesterday because of that fact.

I've never seen a card so full of information for you. That's some good research.

Kruk: Yeah I didn't actually write all this down. Someone gave it to me.

Well with any luck, interns will be writing down information about FIP and WAR for Kruk no later than 2020.

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Adam said...

"That" OPS?

It sounds like Kruk just learned about OPS a week ago and still doesn't really know what it is.

"Hey Jimmy, why don't you go look up the weather on that internet of yours"