Thursday, June 9, 2011

Does anything better demonstrate the degree to which Sportscenter has become a tabloid piece of shit than this?

One night after his post home run bat flip,

I didn't watch Sportscenter after Tuesday night's game, but I assume it went something like OMG HE FLIPPED HIS BAT! LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! OK NOW A 26 MINUTE SEGMENT ABOUT WHERE BRETT FAVRE AND TIGER WOODS WENT FOR FROZEN YOGURT LAST NIGHT

Big Papi goes deep again. But you REALLY

Josh Elliot (I think it was Josh Elliot) put an inordinate amount of emphasis on "really."

don't want to miss what had him popping off after the game!

Yeah, fuck highlights, right? Fuck that shit. What I REALLY want is some tabloid manufactured non-story drama. I don't watch sports for sports. I don't watch sports at all, actually. That's why I don't care about highlights. I just follow sports because of the gossipy tabloidy stories. God, Sportscenter is a wasteland. It's like Us Weekly for guys at this point. But I don't have shit to do right now so I watched anyways. Actually I have a ton of shit to do but that's beside the point.

Anyways, after 12 minutes of NBA Finals game 5 preview (WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT LEBRON TWEETED LAST NIGHT!), 4 minutes of NFL bullshit (WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT CAM NEWTON WORE WHILE HE PRACTICED YESTERDAY!), and 3 minutes of Terrelle Pryor bullshit (Sure, this guy's college career is over and he'll do about as much in the NFL as Eric Crouch/Pat White/Troy Smith/Chris Leak, BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU HEAR WHAT HIS AGENT SAID!), they got to the Yankees/Red Sox thing. That's how far baseball has fallen in the ESPN world: Yankees/Red Sox can't even lead Sportscenter the night after nothing significant except a Stanley Cup finals game happened in the sports world. After 45 seconds of highlights, most of which focused on CAPTAIN CLUTCH'S pursuit of 3000 hits, they spent 3 mintues on the Ortiz thing. Guess what he was mad about? I couldn't possibly make this up: he was mad about the media blowing the bat flipping thing out of proportion.




Biggus Rickus said...

You could always turn the channel. I mean, I haven't watched ESPN for anything other than a game broadcast for, I don't know, a decade maybe?

Adam said...


Larry B said...

@Biggest Ruckus

But then what would I blog about? To be fair, between April and October I spend 90% of my passive TV watching time on MLB Network. I just happened to catch Sportscenter yesterday because MLB was showing a minor league game for God knows why.

angelo said...

Highlight Express is the answer in the ESPN universe. There's almost no tabloid component, and they actually show highlights from nearly every game the night before in half the time of sportscenter. The only redeeming part of sportscenter is top 10

Biggus Rickus said...

True. Writing a media criticism blog does require you to delve into shit like Sporscenter and Baseball Tonight.