Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The only thing worse than being a power-crazed asshole like Roger Goodell

is wrongfully accusing Goodell of being an asshole when he actually wasn't. Enter Deadspin's resident guy who probably lived under power lines and ate a lot of paint as a kid, Barry Petchesky.

Quietly, the NFL fined Carolina's Tyler Brayton $15,000 for setting a moving screen on an Atlanta gunner last week. That's less money than Alosi, and no suspension, so the NFL's consistent record of inconsistent punishment continues.

This would be biting and timely criticism- if only the NFL had actually been responsible for Alosi's fine suspension. Unfortunately they weren't. The Jets made that call. Alosi situation: Jets applied harsh internal discipline; NFL elected not to do anything further. Brayton situation: NFL stepped in and applied tepid discipline; we don't know what the Panthers would or would not have done. Yep, it all adds up. TIME FOR OL' BARRY THE WHISTLEBLOWER TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS!

Nice try though, Barry. It's bad enough that you often shit the bed when you write an editorial post. The least you can do is try not to also shit it when you're just doing a quick throwaway "breaking news" post. But living up to that standard would require you to know stuff about the subject you're covering, so I guess we're both shit out of luck.

If you bother to click on the link, please note that none of the first 30 or so Deadspin comments point out this pretty obvious error. But hey, at least they all managed to either 1) make a lame pop culture reference 2) make a lame joke about how bad the Panthers are or 3) make a lame joke in an attempt to agree with Barry's commentary. Thanks Deadspin! You continue to be a holding pen for snarky, unoriginal douchewads.

And for the three of you out there wondering whether or not this blog should be in the business of attacking no-name bloggers who are definitely not part of the MSM: I don't know what to tell you. It is what it is.

TMQR tomorrow. Maybe.


Alex said...

Deadspin jumped the shark very quickly. I never did get it but that's me. It's more TMZ than sports talk.

But that's me.

Wait. I just said that.


Anonymous said...

Someone thinks that the NFL was not -- to some degree -- responsible for Alosi's punishment? That is . . . odd.

Larry B said...

Anonymous- I hope you're not implying that Petchesky's post was meant to point out the inconsistency between the Jets' punishment and the league's punishment. Because it's pretty clear from context (use of the word "quietly" to open, as if he wants to point out that the league was being intentionally shady about this) and from the fact that Petchesky has an established record of being a diptard that it wasn't.

If you agree with me there, but make the separate argument that the Jets are part of the NFL, so it makes sense to view the two punishments as coming from the same source in that sense, that's fine. I don't think that's a good or meaningful argument but I'll listen to it. Just puh-lease tell me you're not trying to claim that Petchesky knew all along that the Jets dished out Alosi's punishment.

Chris W said...

I would say Anonymous is Barry Petchesky in disguise but his post was way too non-retarded to be written by Petchesky

dan-bob said...

I am offended by the increasing use of the word "diptard" on this site.