Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Bothers Me Immensely

I hate to bury my own post, but this really chafes my ass.

One of Sports Illustrated's "Turkeys of the Year" is Bud Selig. Totally agree. Bud has done some knuckleheaded shit this year, not the least of which claiming that he believes Abner Doubleday invented baseball. His other dumb outbursts include his support of a 10 team MLB playoff, his claims that the MLB labor struggles were the worst in history, and basically everything he's ever said about replay. But none of those are the reason why SI thinks he's a "Turkey of the Year." Let's read:

Umpire Jim Joyce was reduced to tears of remorse, Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga gracefully forgave the painfully obvious blown call at first base that denied him a perfect game against the Indians on June 2, and a nation was inspired by their reconciliation. Yet, the Commissioner of Major League Baseball could not bring himself to get in on the class act by reviewing the play and overturning the ruling. Even the White House weighed in. "I hope that baseball awards a perfect game to that pitcher," said spokesman Robert Gibbs. "We're going to work on an executive order."

This really bothers me. I'm sorry, but Jesus fuck man. He's the turkey of the year for not going back and reversing the outcome of the game? And he should be the first person in MLB history ever to change the fucking outcome of a game not because it impacted a division race or playoff appearance but because a 3rd place team had a pitcher who almost threw a perfect game?

Seriously, this really pisses me off. 2012 can't come fast enough. Here's hoping the Mayans were right.


Frigidevil said...

Believe it or not, the Mayans would be correct about what will happen when the calendar turns to 2012, we will celebrate. The end of the Mayan calendar just means the beginning of a new one, something they would've had a massive party for.

Chris W said...


Jack M said...

Even if Bud Selig became a vegetarian, he'd still be full of baloney in my book,

Chris W said...

[Rolling in the aisles]