Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spot the Straw Man

In memory of Guy Fawkes (remember remember! The 5th of November) let's play a game called "Spot the straw man argument! This week's straw man argument comes from one of the biggest prigs ever to write about baseball, Jon Heyman, responding to the backlash against Jeter winning his 5th Gold Glove and his 4th utterly undeserved Gold Glove


SOB in CA said...

I'm glad other people sift through twitter for me.

From what I can tell, he will also be the best player ever who will have 3500 hits and 5 rings.

Also, whatever he says, it will be hard to understand him with Jeter's dick in his mouth.

Angelo said...

jemele hill's new article is shocking. It supports a white person for MVP and actually is pretty well written. My core beliefs have been shaken.

SOB in CA said...

What is really needed is a more credible and valid award. It will probably take the media to do that, though.