Sunday, December 9, 2012

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No time for a long post tonight, although I certainly owe everyone a substantial one (in whatever sense someone providing free content to fifteen or so people, most of whom are already his real life friends and would rather hang out with him in person than read his stupid sports blog, can owe that sort of thing).  Tonight's throwaway post comes courtesy of the Pro Football Talk Twitter feed.

If you click on that link, which you shouldn't, it'll take you to a blog post that is essentially a word for word transcription of Larry Fitzgerald's dad's Twitter feed.  Fitzgerald Sr. spent most of the afternoon bitching about how bad the Cardinals are.  Apparently we should pay attention to Fitzgerald Sr. because he's a sportswriter (for a weekly newspaper catering to Minnesota's African-American community, but still!  A sportswriter I guess), but I'm having a hard time taking his thoughts on the Cardinals seriously.  Problem #1 is that he has a dog in the fight which might cloud his objectivity.  Problem #2 is that his thoughts include the following pieces of "analysis":

Humbling embarrassing frustrating angering disappointing painful.What happens when u quit!


Definition of team quitting?9 losses n a row.9th loss 58-0!Injuries handling of offense worst nNFL.Adrian Wilson&Darnell Dockett situations!

How very expository.  But anytime you can tweet about a blog post about some angry helicopter parent's tweets, you've got to do it.  Someone needs to drive pageviews and keep the lights on at the offices of the NBCSports blog network.


Floyd Little said...

I never knew you had an inner circle. I've never even been given the chance to hang out with you. I guess I'll just have to keep a stiff upper lip as I deal with the rejection.

I don't recall ever criticizing your efforts here but this one was weak. Simmons posted a, what else, rambling, hack piece on Kobe and you chose to attack some father's tweets. Alright, you're the free content provider not me but you are better than this, LB.

Larry B said...

I made up the part about the friends. I don't actually have any of those. Of course I read the Kobe piece, but with the way my weekend went, that was not going to happen from a time and effort perspective. Thus you get this. I'll take a crack at it later this week. The best part is that Bill doesn't brag about his relatively newfound access to NBA legends at all.

Chris W said...

I wish it was 1996 still so I could make a Geocities site called Mike Florio ATE MY BALLS

Anonymous said...

Do you not get page views from people who subscribe to this blog via RSS? Because if not, then that blows. And also... my bad.

Tim N said...

Does this really count as content?

"substantive information or creative material viewed in contrast to its actual or potential manner of presentation"

Adam said...

I guess everybody quit except for Larry right?