Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Loud idiot vehemently defends megalomaniac

Watched Indiana/Georegtown tonight.  Reminded me of how boring I find college basketball--these are two great teams, playing a hotly contested game, and I still wasn't feeling it at all.  (When I say "watched" I mean it was on in the background as I ate, did shit on my laptop, etc.)  Anyways, DICKIE V BABY was calling the game and he only brought up how great his friend Bob Knight is about 25 times.  Most of it was just stupid bluster.  "Indiana in a zone... you know, Bobby Knight would have never gone to the zone!"  "This point guard is a Bobby Knight kind of player!  He'd be perfect in a Bobby Knight system!"  HOLY SHIT HE GOT FIRED 12 YEARS AGO WHO GIVES A FUCK.  Anyways, I said most of it was just harmless bluster.  Then there was this, which was thoroughly embarrassing.  (I no longer have DVR, #firstworldproblems, so this is not word for word but it's close.)

You know, this has to be said... there is no reason Bobby Knight should have been fired.  It's a shame he's not still there.  Some coaches just belong at certain schools.  Bobby Knight belonged at Indiana and he should have retired there.  When they wanted to fire him, there should have been a meeting of the minds, and they should have been able to work out any differences that may have existed at that time.

Dick, it's bad enough that Knight was physically attacking his own players.  But I think it's pretty safe to say the school's administration made the right move to remove him once he moved on from that to attacking students who weren't even involved with the fucking team.  I'm not Warren Buffet, but from a business perspective, I think it's generally a bad idea to have a high level employee who likes hitting your customers.  Furthermore, if you absolutely have to defend Knight, which no one should, at least say he was misunderstood, or was really a nice guy deep down who had learned his lesson, or some other nonsense like that which is definitely not true but if true would constitute grounds for keeping him around.  Simply going with "he deserved to retire at Indiana" is a horrible sales pitch when your goal is to convince an audience that a guy who hits and chokes people should definitely have a job.  Bonus stupidity points for going with the legalese "any differences that may have existed" (that part I remember verbatim, or close), and refusing to acknowledge that there actually was a problem when Knight got shitcanned.

Only four and a half months until the season is over and Vitale mercifully disappears for the summer.

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Dark Wing Duck said...

Who really does like Vitale? Does anyone find it interesting or insightful when he starts blathering about diaper dandies and prime time players? I keeping hoping he goes blind in his good eye and has to retire but merely thinking that may lead to a vengeful God pounding a corn cob up my ass repeatedly.
As for Knight, he is another example, like Joe Paterno, of a coach who was too successful and through tenure became a living legend to the detriment of himself and his university. Although Joe usually soft sold himself while Knight was an unabashed egomaniac and raging asshole.