Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Deadspin writer not named Drew Magary attempts to talk about the NFL. Of course he fucks it up.

As you may or may not remember, last Sunday, the Texans played a meaningless game (for them) against the Titan and fucked it up in comical fashion in the closing seconds. No big deal, right? Not so said Deadspin writer Timothy Burke.

Wow, so apparently the guy in charge of Deadspin on the last day of the NFL season didn't know that Houston had no stake in the game. The post was quickly deleted and Burke offered this explanation on his Twitter.

I really enjoy the condescending tone he takes. No need to tell me that I'm horribly wrong because I obviously know I made an error. I just happened to write a blog post, which included a video, and hit publish before realizing it. Brainfart, lol.

Part of me feels like I'm nitpicking, but this is also Deadspin, a website that rips into ESPN, NBC, or any other sports news outlet if they happen to make a slight mistake in any one of the million graphics they use in a day. Not only that, but it'd be one thing if Houston had only clinched minutes before on some vague Strength of Victory tiebreaker, but the Texans made the playoffs WEEKS ago.

I just can't get over Burke's stupid sounding explanation "this is what happens when I don't get to have lunch." Wrong. Writing "their" instead of "they're" is what happens when you don't get to eat lunch. Getting a well known fact wrong is what happens when you're a writer who's more worried about impressing your legion of snarky, dipshit commenter fans than actually following the league you're writing about.


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Adam said...

Seems to be like the classic person who won't even admit a cleary huge mistake. More like, "Of course I knew the Texans were in the whole time, now here's an attempt at a funny excuse" It's Simmonsesque.

Jack M said...

Quasi-pseudo Peter King-ian.