Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unified Theory of Creep!

Not only is the Super Bowl still months away, the NFL playoffs haven't even started!

More later today. I've been a bum lately. Time to get things rolling and be a bum who posts slightly more often.


Daniel said...

I wonder how G^2 feels about Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Ndamukong Suh's draft positions in relation to the Lions' 3-0 start. I guess if you fail to mention any correlation between years of drafting the best player in a draft with success, then it doesn't exist.

This way he can better spend his time jamming a couple hundred words on how Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard, Stevie Johnson was passed over 223 times in the draft, and how Fred Jackson went to a Division IV school for gifted mutants. Meh

First Name Last Initial said...

It's cool. Keep being a bum. You've earned it. Pretty sure I'll survive without reading the same criticism of the same stupid column that I stopped reading/being annoyed by 4 years ago. Seriously dude, spend some time with your family, on the golf course, farting in homeless guys mouths, whatever. You have our blessing.

First Name Last Initial said...

Or take down Simmons. You're actually really good at that.