Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You are not Clever. Shut Up and Go Away

Mark Jackson, talking over a replay of a Kobe Bryant fadeaway during tonight's game:

And the question is, Ko-be or not Ko-be?

No. That's not the question. It has nothing to do with the basket Bryant just scored. That wouldn't even "be the question" if Bryant were onstage somewhere, performing Shakespeare. Go into a cave somewhere and don't come out.

Since this is a super lazy and short post, let's add some variety! This is an incredibly badass article. No sarcasm. Read it. It totally doesn't suck. Long story short, the commissioner of the Big 10 is an evil genius and the commissioner of the Big 12 is a complete fucking moron. Spicy stuff.


Jack M said...

I logged on to make a post lauding Dan Wetzel's article, only to find that Garry G beat me to it. All 3 of you who read this should check out that article.

Also, "Ko-be or not Ko-be" is a lot funnier spelled out. I laughed when I read it.

Bengoodfella said...

As a fan of Nebraska, I don't like this move for two reasons:

1. I will miss playing Texas and Oklahoma and the rest of the Big 12 teams.

2. Now Nebraska will be called "slow" by the public because they play in the Big 10.

Otherwise, anything I can have done that would put them on television more often is fine for me. I only get to see about half the games now, but I think living in NC, where we get a lot of Big 10 games (or it feels that way), I will see them play more...hopefully w/o having to get the Big 10 Network.

Also, the Big 12 commish is a moron.

Elliot said...

Alas, poor Ron Artest. I knew him, Phil Jackson.