Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let's Just Change This Blog's Name to "Iron" Jay Mariotti

When an article's premise is that Justin Verlander is the best pitcher in baseball, you know you're in trouble. But here it is. (drumroll)

There is a touch of irony that Justin Verlander, the Tigers' staff ace, will enter his next scheduled start Friday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates with a career ERA of 3.90.

It's the same ERA Jack Morris posted during his major league career.

How is that ironic? They're nearly the exact same pitcher. Maybe if Justin Verlander were Bert Blyleven champion (and Jack Morris detractor) Rich Lederer and 3.90 were his average number of sentences per paragraph. But really, that would still be coincidental.

Oh in case you were wondering why Pat Caputo thinks Verlander's the best pitcher in the game?

Take any starting pitcher in baseball today. Who throws harder than Verlander? Who is bigger? Who combines it all with such a feel for pitching?

Nobody. In my opinion, Justin Verlander is the best starting pitcher in baseball today.

His ERA be damned.

Well then.


Biggus Rickus said...

So can I assume that this means Pat Caputo thinks Greg Maddux was so-so?

Dylan Murphy said...

Ubaldo throws just as hard, and his ERA is under 1.00. Well done, Jay.

Elliot said...

That article is just absolutely ludicrous homerism.

Verlander ERA: 3.65
Jimenez ERA: 0.93

Verlander's record: 6-4
Jimenez's record: 11-1

Verlander strikeouts: 71
Jimenez strikeouts: 78

Verlander WHIP: 1.11
Jimenez WHIP: 0.93

The only stat where Verlander is above Jimenez is walks, where Verlander's 27 is two less than Jimenez's 29. I guess those two extra walks really clinched it for Verlander in Caputo's eyes.

It's not just that Verlander isn't the best pitcher. He's not even in the top 5. Maybe he meant best pitcher in the American league? Nope. Doug Price, Clay Buchholz, and Ricky Romero are all having better seasons than Verlander.

Maybe he just meant Verlander is the best pitcher on the Tigers. Well, except for that guy who essentially threw a perfect game last week. I'm running out of ideas.

Adam said...

I heard David Price is also having a pretty good year.

That article though is one of the most hilariously terrible in a long time. For so many more reasons than you touched on. It is also a not so well veiled stump for Jack Morris. I want to throw up.

Tonus said...

Ubaldo Jimenez, 6' 4" 210lb
Justin Verlander, 6' 5" 225lb

Sorry guys, but Justin Verlander is bigger. He's clearly the better starting pitcher, and the best in the game today.

Adam said...

Jon Rauch

best. pitcher. ever.

dan-bob said...


Elliot said...

Who has the higher butt?