Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Reason why Sucks

So has this thing called "Hot Stove U" where they put out content about baseball during the offseason. It's only for ESPN Insiders, which I am not, so we won't go into the articles here, which is okay, because they are probably terrible. Anyways, here are the titles in the series so far:

Baseball doesn't need Joe Mauer in Minnesota. Minnesota needs Joe Mauer in Minnesota. Keep reading.
Good lord,'s writers have the usual devotion to the Minnesota good-old-American-dream-family-values-moral-goodness Twins. What a load of bullshit. The Twins play in the 16th largest metro area in the USA - larger than Denver, St. Louis, Baltimore... and they drew 2.5 million fans-(14th in the league) last year to one of the worst stadiums in all of baseball... and yet they're still treated like a little old town of hard-workin' lumberjacks who are the opposite of the Yankees.

The Twins surely have a good business model - they're able to generate effective value in wins and attendance without spending a zillion bucks. Maybe the Mets should take note. But still - I'm so tired of hearing how unfortunate it is that the Twins can't afford to keep their star players. Their owner
Overexposure of the Cubs. Who cares, 102 years, Cubs fans are boorish drunkards, etc, etc.
This article is about how the Red Sox are straying from the principles of Moneyball and going back to 'old-school' methods. No doubt other teams might be doing this as well, but these writers know that the Red Sox generate more hits than anyone else. Apparently MLB teams follow the Red Sox's popular methods just as much as the one douche in your history class who was born and lived two years in Woonsocket and just wants to tell everyone on the internet how he has always been a Red Sox fan.
Ugh. I saw a shorter headline for this same article that said, "Jeter Consistent". Good lord, these articles hurt.
Hey! An interesting article about something vaguely new! I am astonished!

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Jack M said...

I'd just like to use this opportunity to complain that prior to the inception of the Nationals, the Orioles had sole possession of the combined Baltimore-DC-Metro area, which made it the 4th largest market in professional baseball. Now, geographically speaking, the Orioles only have dominion over the 20th largest market in baseball. Fuck Bud Selig, fuck him in his stupid face.