Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A new low

At least I think it is.  Guess what's on the front page of right now?

Something related to the New England Patriots Official NFL Football Depressurization Scandal (my snappy nickname for it), which, while incredibly fucking stupid, is at least real, hard, sports news?  Surprisingly, nope.

Something related to the NBA, which uses ESPN as one of its broadcast partners, and is in the midst of a relatively exciting playoffs?  Again, surprisingly, nope.

Something related to MLB, which uses ESPN as one of its broadcast partners?  Nope.

Something related to the UEFA Champions League, which uses ESPN as one of its broadcast partners (outside the United States, anyways) and has a crucial semifinal match today?  Nope?

Something related to the NHL?  Well of course not.

No, here's the front cover story on America's most popular sports website during this exciting time to be a sports fan:

Yeah, the more I consider it, the more I'm sure that this constitutes a new low.  Die in a fire, ESPN.


Anonymous said...

ESPN sucks but it's the sponsor and sole means to vote for the cover of Madden. I dont play anymore, but it's a big deal. Is it kind of lame? Sure -- but it's not even close to a new low.

Larry B said...

The fact that it's a sponsor makes this even worse, in my eyes. If they did this because "NFL fans love Madden, and we're here to cater to NFL fans, and they're sick of Patriots deflation stories," I'd merely be offended. Instead, you're telling me that this is a watered down version of cross promotion? That's horrendous. BOOOOOOOOOOOO