Friday, August 23, 2013

Barf barf barf barf barf

You know I am not a fan of Deadspin, so if I'm linking to something they did and saying sincerely that it's awesome, it must be at the very least regular awesome, if not fucking awesome.  Out of all 100 vomit-inducing actions on the part of ESPN in the timeline laid out in that post I think the most vomit-inducing might be:

Step 6: San Francisco's ABC affiliate does a segment dedicated to it. ABC and ESPN are both owned by Disney.

SYNERGY, FOLKS.  SYNERGISTIC SYNERGY.  You just know some fuckass worthless piece of shit MBA (or worthless pieces of shit MBAs, perhaps) at Disney headquarters orchestrated that move and then self-high fived (or high fived each other, perhaps).  I hope whoever was responsible catches rickets, then is cured, then catches an even worse case of rickets.  Eat a barrel of shit, ESPN/Disney.  Fuck.  You.


Chris W said...

Any press is good press

Anonymous said...

You seem to barf a lot. You getting enough fluids?

Larry B said...

That's the thing, I probably am not. I need to be more careful about that. Especially during the hot summer months.

dan-bob said...

Can you catch rickets?