Wednesday, March 6, 2013

[Insert photo of Fonzie jumping the shark here]

From ESPN's Daily Dime (usually a great read, but not this time) from Wednesday morning, summarizing OKC's dismantling of the Lakers on Tuesday night:

Westbrook always plays with a certain pace, a noticeable fury. It's like anger mixed with hyperactivity. But with his hometown Lakers here and a matchup with Bryant standing in his way of a win, Westbrook was at a different level of frenzy. It was like all of the Harlem Shake videos put into one. 

I'm pretty sure referencing an amalgamation of "all of the Harlem Shake videos" is actually stupider than yet another team/school/group of unfunny 15 year olds posting a Harlem Shake video of their own.  Hats off to you, TrueHoop writer Royce Young.  OOH OOH DO A SEQUESTER JOKE NEXT


pnoles said...

2nd label supposed to be something else?

Larry B said...

Nah, just felt like using it. Standards are slipping around here obviously.