Monday, September 24, 2012

He orates about as well as he writes

Rick Reilly, on the MNF set, talking about the crazy final play of the game:

B.J. Raji told me he was shocked to look up and see one ref signaling touchdown, and another signaling touchback!  To me, this is... the whole... era of replacement refs... one touchdown, one says touchback... (trails off) So fellas, is this the straw that broke Goodell's back?

/death stare from Steve Young

Throw in a few terrible puns and something about how great golf is and you've got yourself an article.

You can't take a $1,000 pair of Italian loafers and step in poop, over and over again!

You certainly can't!  Fucking idiot.


jacktotherack said...

The best part was one of the idiots (Dilfer?) actually complimented him on that Italian loafers line and I can't remember who but either Young or Scott says "Yeah but he's been trying to fit it in for the last 20 minutes." About made me die, even his colleagues know what an insufferable douche Reilly is.

ZidaneValor said...

Why do I have the feeling that TMQ is going to rip Jennings for attempting a "selfish, hero, DIVA, me-first, stat-padding" interception instead of batting the ball down? Like in the Detroit-Tennessee game.

Larry B said...

Zidane: I will be very surprised if that doesn't happen.

tweaksmahoni said...

i didnt like seeing dilfer's bald head all over the bigscreen.