Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh Goodness. Oh me. Oh my. Oh WRONG.

Jim Bowden is doing chats for ESPN now. This is awesome because Jim Bowden is: a moron. This is going to be a "mistake rant". I don't care.

Robert (Orlando FL)

Hi Jim,Comparring Granderson and A-Gon for AL MVP consideration, I see that Grandy is leading A-Gon in Runs, HRs, and RBIS and A-Gon leads in Batting Average. Since Grandy leads in Runs and RBI's what value would you say does A-Gon's batting average really have?Thanks!

Jim Bowden: MVP voting is so difficult to predict when the numbers are so close

Thanks Joe. Thought they fired you.

Wait....Joe didn't care about numbers.

.....A-Gone will have the issue of splitting votes with his teammate Jacoby Ellsbury

Not to mention Pedroierrrrrrrrr

...all 3 are candidates and with 6 weeks left in the season....any one of them can still win it....If i had to decided today...I would take Matt Kemp in NL (slightly over Braun, Fielder) because of Defense...and A-Gone in AL slightly over Grandy man

1) "A-Gone???"
2) "Grandy man????"
3) Joey Bats?

Peter Huisking (Alpharetta, GA)
Who is the NL Rookie of the Year ......Kimbrel, Venters, or Freeman? I am thinking Freeman because the Braves are the Wild Card Favorite now and he plays everyday. Thoughts??

Jim Bowden: That is a tough one.....most people that I've talked to have Kimbrel, Freeman, Espinsoa.....I personally would go with Freeman because of his GOLD GLOVE defense at first base

Fielding stats are blech, especially for 1B, but I find it funny that Freddie's 3rd from the bottom in terms of fielding runs for rookies at any position.

.....but we should have a rookie pitcher and players of the year...silly to have to compare the 2

Yeah, let's not bother trying to cross-compare the value of pitchers and hitters. Trade you Eugenio Velez for Justin Verlander, Jim? Why not? It's silly to compare the two.

Also is anyone else sickened by the contrast between "pitcher" and "players"?

Nick (NJ)
2011 AL ROY: Ivan Nova or Michael Pineda?

Jim Bowden: Pineda....but there is time left...Hellickson, Trumbo also in mix

Somewhere, Dustin Ackley is crying.

marcel ( camden, n.j ) [via mobile]
Which team matches up best against the phillies in a playoff series ?

Nobody matches up with their rotation if healthy...but Giants, Brewers, Braves could all beat them in a very short series with a couple of shutouts.

Nobody, but everybody. For crying out loud, Jim. That was terrible.

Matt (Chicago)
Jim thanks for chatting. How would you now rate the Cubs draft on a scale of 1-10, please explain why. thanks

Jim Bowden: I would rate Starlin Castro a 10 and the rest a 3

Yeah Castro's sick. First ever player to hit .300 in the majors the year prior to being drafted.

Calindc (DC)
Are the Angels done and can they look back at their inactivity at the trade deadline for their fall?

Jim Bowden: they needed a bullpen arm and unlike the Rangers didn't get one....they needed another RBI bat and didn't get one...they need to win these next to for a reliever and have a fun or sept

What? Seriously, what? I feel like I've bit my tongue plenty on the whole spelling-and-grammar-police crusade through this entire chat, but what???

"they need to win these next to for a reliever and have a fun or sept"

This is not English.

Sean (Tempe, AZ):
Why isn't Josh Collmenter getting any respect for ROY?

Jim Bowden: because of Kimbrell, Freeman, Espinosa, Venters

::sigh:: "Kimbrell" is not a thing. "Venters" is not a rookie.

Graham (Toronto)
Why no Bautista love? 2nd in runs, 1st in hra??s (despite 60 less ABa??s to Granderson), 1st in walks by a mile, 1st in OBP , 1st in slugging (by 2 miles), 1st in OPS by the combined length of his 35 dingers. Are people really still not noticing what hea??s doing?

Thank you, Graham.

Jim Bowden: Bautista gets love...but 2nd half since all star break has knocked him down a notch

I feel ya, man. The fall to a 1.111 OPS has derailed many a career. Maybe next year you'll be more than a win better than the competition, Joey.

Tim (Washington DC)
So the guy(jose bautista) leading in the stats that really matter(OBP and Homeruns) isn't even considered for MVP?

Jim Bowden: The stats that really matter? This is not fantasy baseball or a computer game.

Tee hee!

It's not about one number or 2 numbers

How many numbers do you want to talk about? Bautista leads the league in pretty much all meaningful ones....

Bautista has great number, but they don't dwarf Gonzo and Grandy

Uh, they kind of do. Bautista's OBP is 84 points higher than Granderson's. Take 84 points of OBP off Granderson's OBP and you get a very Kurt Suzuki-esque .291. Granderson's SLG is 115 points higher than that of "A-Gone". Back the 115 off of Gonzo and you land somewhere close to Andre Ethier (10 HR) territory. This is a big deal! Dwarfing!

Joey (West Palm Beach)
Please explain why this doesn't make sense: Felix Hernandez for Hughes, Banuelos, Bentances, Montero, Nova, Nunez, and Heathcott/Gardner??

Hahahaha. Joey, you're a funny man. Jimmy can't screw this one up, right?

Jim Bowden: If I'm the Mariners...I make that deal right now


I think I'm going to enjoy this man chatting about baseball. That is all I have to say.


jacktotherack said...

Matt (Chicago)
Jim thanks for chatting. How would you now rate the Cubs draft on a scale of 1-10, please explain why. thanks

Jim Bowden: I would rate Starlin Castro a 10 and the rest a 3

Jim should have just said "I don't know a single player the Cubs drafted, or what draft we are talking about. I'm fucking terrible at my job."

Anonymous said...

I like that Bowden feels confident enough to go out on a limb by saying that with a couple of shutouts, the Braves, Brewers, or Giants could beat the Phillies in a short series.

Chris W said...

Right? That's essentially just saying "if they score more runs than the Phillies in two games, i think they have a good chance of winning the best of three series!"