Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mike Tirico: Awful in the MNF Booth, Awful Everywhere Else

Mike, what say you re: mercurial Denver Nuggets shooting guard J.R. Smith?

He can really provide a boost of your bench, but he can also take some misguided shots. He can shoot you into a game, from both directions!

So he can shoot you into a game, and shoot you out of it. See how that works so much better? I mean, what you said makes sense too. As long as you're either trying to sound vaguely sexual, or describe how to fully marinate a roast. Tirico is terrible; why he is allowed to announce live sports in any capacity is beyond me. Might as well put Kornheiser and Rush Limbaugh in the NBA booth with him. I think they'd all compliment each other very nicely.

Full Simmons post coming tomorrow morning.


Cornelius Talmidge said...

I remember when the Jets were playing on MNF in like the first or second week of 2008. It was obviously just Favre-time around the clock on espn at that time (as it had been for the entire summer leading into the season). Only about five minutes into the game, Tirico had become so exasperated with Kornheiser's inability to discuss anything whatsoever besides Favre that he literally cut Kornheiser off mid-sentence and said something to the effect of: "We're not seriously going to do this the entire game are we? Two teams are playing football. Only one player out there is Brett Favre. We can talk about something else."

Ever since that moment, I've been willing to forgive Tirico for just about anything.

Anonymous said...

Tirico is excellent in the MNF booth. *#&$ the heck are you talking about?

Jack M said...

I too enjoy Tirico, but I will say that he often goes to great lengths to shoe-horn in terrible jokes like this one.

Elliot said...

Not to mention that so many people (including my cousin who has a sports talk show on the college station in Ft. Collins) have made the "shoot you into or out of, a game" comment about JR Smith that it's hardly even analysis anymore.

However, I did appreciate Tirico's comments when they were discussing the girl with cancer who JR had helped. That was a very moving story.

Biggus Rickus said...

I don't have much love for any announcer, but Tirico annoys me less than most.

Chris W said...

free beer tomorrow!

Jonathan Mathis said...

Mike Tirico can kiss my ASS. The guy is an idiot in which ESPN needs to fire his dumbass, an inconsistent wannabe who thinks he knows sports. What the hell does he know? Oh, I know nothing.

He deserves to be fired.

HIS NAME IS: Tricko, not Tirico.

Alex said...

Limbaugh and Olbermann in the booth.

Sit back and let it ride.