Monday, September 21, 2009

Low Hanging Fruit: Chris Berman Edition

From the Blitz (a program I actually enjoy), not word for word but almost:

I know that pre-season doesn't count for much, but if you include the the Raven's 4 preseason wins, they're now 6-0, and that says something.

Yeah, it says that ESPN's writers are such uncreative hacks that they can't even come up with an interesting or helpful analysis of the Ravens early success. And the whole "saying that a statistic is stupid, and then immediately turning around and giving said statistic credence" thing is just really retarded.


Tonus said...

It's like those guys who rip "stat heads" for 'using numbers to judge baseball players' and then explain that Albert Pujols is valuable because he's hitting .328 with 47 homers.

And isn't Berman the one who kept telling us that Drew Brees was on a pace for 96 TD passes after week 1. Yeah, I know he was joking, because he told us he was joking... ALL 2,500 TIMES HE MENTIONED IT.

AJ said...

The Lions went 4-0 last year in the preseason...we saw how that turned out.

I think that pretty much defines the preseason as useless.

Elliot said...


dan-bob said...

oh snap, AJ.


Martin said...

More like a pumpkin lying on the ground....ohhh fierce!

Cornelius Talmidge said...

I'm pretty sure ESPN keeps Chris Berman around, because he's the only one that can make Stewart Scott's shtick seem fresh by comparison.